What Is the Great American Clean Up?

Have you heard the words Great American Clean Up and just didn’t know what it is?

Pigeon River Clean-up Day, Great American Clean up

This annual clean up of the Pigeon River was held on June 5. Thanks to the many volunteers for helping Keep Cocke County Beautiful. KCCB with the help of TWRA Clean Stream Grant helped provide some of the refreshments.

The Great American Clean Up is in initiative set forth by Keep America Beautiful to encourage residents in their local communities to band together to clean up local spots, parks, or even their own roads and highways. The Great American Clean Up usually kicks off on the first day of spring and ends in the month of May. However, that shouldn’t stop someone from wanting to clean up.

This year’s theme has been “Clean Your Block.” This theme was chosen to encourage others to get out there and make where they live a beautiful place. Many neighborhoods across the country have hosted their own “Clean Your Block” parties where community members come together to clean up their little area.

Will you make the pledge to “Clean Your Block?” One person cannot clean up all the litter and beautify an area all by himself or herself. Can we all join together to make Cocke County a more beautiful place than it already is?

For this Great American Clean Up season, Keep Cocke County Beautiful has already hosted the Douglas Lake Clean Up which yielded nearly 200 bags of litter and debris. Our Household Hazardous Waste Event and E-Recycling Event produced over 11,000 pounds of technology being collected and well over 100 pounds of household hazardous waste.  Various road side clean-ups are being done to remove the litter from the roadsides. The VIP Treatment is going on right now in Hartford. Litter pickup, mowing, and weed eating are being completed to beautify this area before rafting season officially begins. Graffitti is also being covered as well. Our last event is the Pigeon River Clean-Up on Sunday, June 4th.

We appreciate everyone who takes pride in where they live and makes the promise to beautify their areas and remove litter. We hope that everyone will work together to Keep Cocke County Beautiful.

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