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Keep America Beautiful

Keep Tennessee Beautiful
is a state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc.
Keep Cocke County Beautiful is the local affiliate.

Education Resources

Litter Prevention

The first step in litter prevention is changing attitudes.

Keep Tennessee Beautiful and its affiliates are dedicated to changing the way Tennesseans think about litter.  To that end, much of the funding we receive goes toward crafting educational programs and curriculums that aim to change perceptions about litter.  We are passionate about our approach, because we know that it works.  We know that litter begets more litter, and that changing the root of the problem is more effective than changing the outcome.

Keep Tennessee Beautiful partners with schools, youth programs, civic clubs, Chambers of Commerce, businesses and government agencies to educate Tennesseeans on the importance of Litter Prevention.

Below are litter prevention and education tools you can use:


We all know that recycling is important, that it repurposes trash and waste to more sustainably produce materials and products that we use every day. But did you know that you can recycle an old cell phone? Or that your fleece pullover might be made out of recycled soda bottles?


As Tennesseans, we take pride in where we live. Part of that pride is recognizing that it is our job to sustain the natural beauty of our state, and part of that pride is making efforts to revitalize blight. Greening is planting trees and gardens, but it is also educating ourselves and our youth in ways to live more sustainably. The greening efforts of Keep Tennessee Beautiful not only make Tennessee a more pleasant place to live and visit, they create real, tangible economic and social benefits.

Please join us in making Tennessee a greener, more beautiful place.  Below are some helpful greening links:

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