Monthly Pat-On-the-Back to Ed Johnson

Ed JohnsonWhen he was a child, Ed Johnson would watch his father gather cardboard from local businesses such as Overholt’s Hardware and Gilland’s and some scrap metal to be taken to be recycled. Rather than keeping the money for himself, Ed’s father would give the money to the kids in their neighborhood. Ed took this selfless act of kindness to heart and when he became an adult, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Ed began recycling scrap metal. More heavily involved in the recycling of scrap metal than his father, Ed wanted to learn more about recycling metal. He learned about the different grades of metal and what is considered clean or dirty. Ed even began taking old television sets and stripping them down to remove the aluminum and copper wire down to the tiniest little bit while even recycling the circuit boards inside.

Ed Johnson works a full-time job at Hearthstone, and recycles scrap metal on the side. You may find Ed alongside a road in Parrottsville looking for aluminum cans. He even picks up the trash that he finds alongside the road (Thank you, Ed!). So … why is he so interested in collecting all this metal? Is he saving up for a cruise or a luxurious home or a fancy car?

No, Ed takes the money he receives from his scrap metal and purchases bicycles for children whose families can’t afford to buy one. Ed has purchased bicycles for six children so far. And it doesn’t stop there, Ed has sent the tabs from the cans to Shriner’s, St. Jude’s, and Ronald McDonald house so they can recycle the tabs and receive the money. Ed recalls one day while picking up trash, “There was a little boy who came up to me and asked if he could have the tabs from the cans. He was collecting them for a contest at school. I gave him what I had and told him I would have more.” After speaking with the child’s father, Ed contacted the family soon after and donated more tabs to this child. He was able to aid this child in receiving a savings bond for bringing in the most tabs!

Ed Johnson not only believes in giving back to his community, but he understands that is important to do our part in conserving our natural resources and beautifying our neighborhoods. Ed certainly deserves a pat on the back!

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