This page has two main sections: Documentation contains copies of official KCCB documents like our By-Laws and Policies & Procedures. These documents will be posted in PDF format for easy download and error-free reading.

The Educational section offers resources intended to help local teachers or group leaders speak to their youths about recycling, beautification and environmental issues.



Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

The Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (CLPP), in operation since 2004, is the nation’s largest program aimed at reducing cigarette litter. KAB developed the CLPP ( with funding from Philip Morris USA, an Altria company in 2002. The program has received additional support from RAI Services Company and Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company.  Since its inception, the program has been implemented in over 1,400 U.S. communities. By providing people with easily accessible information about ash receptacles, pocket and portable ashtrays and other educational tools, KAB is making strides in educating the public and ensuring a cleaner tomorrow.

Graffiti Hurts

A national partnership with The Sherwin-Williams Company and its Krylon brand, Graffiti Hurts® ( provides communities with educational and programming tools to reduce the incidence and severity of graffiti and tagging. The program addresses community-based solutions for graffiti abatement and prevention.

I Want To Be Recycled

In partnership with the Ad Council, Keep America Beautiful unveiled a landmark public service advertising (PSA) campaign on July 11, 2013 targeted to motivate Americans to recycle every day.  The campaign, titled “I Want To Be Recycled,” will restart the conversation about recycling. In a society where each American produces 4.4 pounds of trash each day, this campaign will raise awareness and ultimately provide the motivation to change the behaviors of occasional recyclers to everyday recyclers.

Littering is Wrong Too

Keep America Beautiful’s litter prevention PSA campaign, “Littering Is Wrong Too,” utilizes social media, events and word-of-mouth marketing to engage young adults around the issue of litter and litter prevention. After a successful pilot program in Cincinnati in 2010, KAB made the campaign available to its national network of affiliates for local roll-outs. The campaign calls attention to the inappropriate act of littering and is targeted at young adults ages 18-34, which KAB research pinpointed as including those most likely to litter.

National Planting Day

National Planting Day provides a stage for the important role that greening and beautification play in creating vibrant communities, while highlighting the critical nature of native plants and trees in enhancing biodiversity and rebuilding ecosystems. Beautiful public places transcend aesthetic appeal to positively impact the lives of area residents, visitors, businesses and institutions. Green spaces restore our local economies, creating stronger, more cohesive communities with real dollars-and-cents benefits. Native plantings enhance both the environmental and economic sustainability of neighborhoods and regions.

The Recycle Bowl

A national recycling competition for K-12 schools that occurs each fall semester. Recycle-Bowl is designed for teachers, student green teams and facility managers to engage students and the community in recycling. In its second year, Keep America Beautiful’s Recycle-Bowl reached nearly 1 million students.

Recycling @ Work

“Recycling at Work” Pledge: As part of its Clinton Global Initiative commitment (2012), Keep America Beautiful hosts a program designed to increase recycling in the workplace. Specifically, the initiative invites business, commercial and institutional entities to pledge to increase the recycling of beverage containers, paper and cardboard, electronics and other recyclable materials generated in the workplace through a variety of actions. Entities may volunteer to report on actions taken to increase recycling and the results of those actions. An array of tools and resources, as well as discounts on recycling bins, are available online for pledgees.

Waste In Place

Waste in Place is a resource guide for educators to use with Pre-K to 6th grade students created by Keep America Beautiful. The guide is used to help students learn about litter prevention, beautification and community greening, recycling, and managing solid waste.

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