Official R.I.D. mission statement:

To educate the public about the impact that dumping has on a community and to eliminate illegal dumping in Cocke County by using law enforcement and community pressure to keep these areas clean.

* * * * *

R.I.D.(Remove Illegal Dumpsites) is comprised of a group of concerned citizens actively working to eliminate illegal dumping in Cocke County. With the help of our Litter Crew, these citizens strive to clean up one dumpsite per month. When possible, the offenders are encouraged to clean the sites themselves.  Listed below are the R.I.D. board members.

RID Chairman David Veridal


David Veridal
R.I.D. Chairman

Scott Hollenbeck


Scott Hollenbeck
R.I.D. Vice-Chair

RID Secretary Tourism Director Linda Lewanski


Linda Lewanski
R.I.D. Secretary
Cocke County Tourism Director


Sheriff's Department employee Roger Ball


Roger Ball
Sheriff’s Department employee

Bettye Carver


Bettye Carver

Administrative Assistant Cocke County Mayor’s Office (Retired)



CLB member and Sheriff's Department employee Jimmy Lindsey


Jimmy Lindsey
County Legislative Board member
and Sheriff’s Department employee

County Attorney Carter Moore


Carter Moore
Cocke County Attorney



Gary Parks


Gary Parks


Andy Tritt with the Sheriff's Department


Andy Tritt
Sheriff’s Dept. employee


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