2017 Spring Clean Cocke County Results

Srin Cleaning EventOn March 25th, 2017, we hosted a spring clean event for Cocke County.

We collected several gently used items that were donated to the Pay It Forward Ministries. We collected 4 tattered flags for proper disposal.

We have collected 11,000 pounds of electronics and counting. We are still collecting from people who did not make it to the event on Saturday. Recycling of televisions and printers have proved difficult because there are no facilities around here that expect these items for recycling. We are looking into other options.

Our household hazardous waste collection yielded great results. We collected 182 pounds of flammable liquids (lighter fluid, gasoline, and lamp oil), 364 pounds of poisonous material (pesticides and herbicides, including some that are now banned), 55 pounds of aersols (spray paint and cleaners), 28 pounds of fluorescent tubes, 36 pounds of corrosive material (oven cleaner, bleach, and Draino), and 15 pounds of oxidizing material (peroxide and pool chemicals).

We did collect lots of latex paint; however, latex paint is water-based and therefore not considered a hazardous material. To dispose of latex paint, let the cans dry out and then dispose of the cans in the landfill.

All of these materials of total waste were kept out of the environment by your commitment and taking your time for attending the event. We wish to congratulate you on your participation and diligence for keeping the environment safe for you, your family, and all the citizens of your county.

Special thanks to Lowe’s for allowing us to host this event in their parking lot, and special thanks to TDEC for collecting the household hazardous waste.

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