Ten Tips to Remember while Enjoying your Summer

Oh, the joys of summer! Enjoying a day on the lake, a hike in the park, or a fun day at the pool, we find ourselves very busy during the summer months trying to squeeze every fun activity we can before our children head back to school. While your family is out enjoying your summer, here are some friendly reminders to help keep all the places that you visit beautiful and green.

  1. Avoid disposables when picnicking. Who doesn’t love a great picnic or a cookout with your family? Be a little kinder to the environment and bring along reusable dishes and flatware rather than generating unnecessary trash by using disposable flatware and tableware. If you disposables are a must for you, there are some great biodegradable options that are made out of plant-based plastics.
  2. Leave a clean site. Please, leave any site that you visit the way you found it or perhaps in even better shape than when you found it. Make sure trash and all debris is picked up and placed in proper receptacles before you continue your summer adventures.
  3. Be aware of fire dangers. Watch weather conditions before you have an open flame and maintain your campfires to ensure they will not get out of hand. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly rather than throwing them out the window of your care.
  4. Maintain your car. Fix fluid leaks and make sure your vehicle has regular tune-ups. Proper maintenance of your vehicles actually produces less air pollution.
  5. If you’re boating, keep your boat maintained. Fix fluid leaks. Keeping your boat running well reduces the pollutants from exhaust. Use low phosphate cleaners to clean the outside of your boat to keep pollutants from entering the water.
  6. Use a car litter bag for your trash. This is such a better alternative than throwing your trash on the side of the road. Tennessee Department of Transportation spends millions of dollars to clean up Tennessee roadsides.
  7. Keep hydrated with reusable water bottles. This creates less trash that will go to the landfill.
  8. If it’s not too hot, leave windows down rather than using air conditioning.
  9. Avoid idling your car when traveling. Remove unnecessary items from your car and avoid storing things on the roof of your car as you travel. Traveling with items strapped to the top of your car can increase your fuel usage by 20%.
  10. There’s nothing wrong with staying close to home. We live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. We have lots of beautiful places to visit.

We hope you have an enjoyable and safe summer and do your part to Keep Cocke County and Tennessee beautiful!

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